Losing Lashes Unexpectedly: Extensions Can Help!

Losing Lashes Unexpectedly: Extensions Can Help!

If you’re like most women, you’ve had a time or twelve when you’ve found yourself worrying about an increase in the rate at which your eyelashes fall out. Chances are that your worries passed fairly quickly as the situation returned to normal within a few short days. That’s a common phenomenon, since lashes have a natural cycle of growth and shedding that usually sees perhaps two eyelashes fall out every day – sometimes more and sometimes less. The real worry occurs when lashes start falling out in groups! If that happens, you may have some bad habits that are causing the excessive shedding. The good news is that eyelash extensions may be the solution you need.

Are You Rubbing Too Much?

If you’re rubbing your eyelashes during your makeup removal process, you could be creating stress to the lashes. This can lead to lashes falling out due to the trauma your makeup routine creates. It’s a risk that most women face when they rely on mascara to beautify their lashes.

Are You Curling Your Lashes?

If you’re committed to regular curling of your lashes, you should know that your use of the curler could be putting undue stress on those delicate natural lashes. You could even be pulling them out without knowing it, especially when you’re using your curler on lashes that already have mascara on them. Sometimes, lashes just aren’t up to the task of enduring all that stress.

Do You Forget to Remove Your Mascara?

Almost every woman eventually goes to sleep with mascara on. If so, then chances are that you’ve had lashes break or fall off while you’re sleeping. Why? It’s simple. Mascara causes the lash to harden somewhat, and that makes them more brittle. When they make contact with your pillow, those hardened lashes can sometimes break.

How Lash Extensions Can Help

If you’re suffering ongoing lash loss due to these common habits, eyelash extensions might be the solution you need. Here’s why:

  • With extensions, you no longer need mascara. That means that you won’t need to rub your eyes to remove the makeup. Instead, you only need gentle daily lash cleansings to remove bacteria and debris.
  • Your extensions have a natural curl. When attached to your natural lashes, you get the perfectly-curled lashes you need without subjecting yourself to the rigors of the lash curler.
  • You’ll also never have to worry about forgetting to remove that mascara, since you won’t be wearing it. Your new lashes will already have that full, perfectly-tinted look you need, and won’t be so brittle that they break off when you’re asleep.

Obviously, eyelash extensions aren’t some miracle product that can resolve all your lash problems, but they could be the solution to some of the most common lash loss difficulties you might be facing. If you’re experiencing persistent unexplained lash loss and want to know whether you could benefit from the best eyelash extensions in New York City, contact us today to schedule your next extension application appointment.