Could Your Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes?

Could Your Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes?

Around the world, untold millions of women find themselves wishing that their eyelashes were somehow longer, fuller, or curled in a more pleasing way. These concerns are nothing new, of course, and have prompted a variety of different cosmetic trends throughout human history. It seems women – and some men – have always been searching for the perfect lash look. In recent years, that quest has focused on treatments like eyelash extensions, which offer women an opportunity to enhance their natural lashes. For some women, however, concerns about possible damage to their natural eyelashes have prevented them from experimenting with these lash treatments. So, what’s the verdict? Can extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?

A Mixed Assessment

There are some inherent difficulties when it comes to answering that type of question, largely because experiences have been so different for so many people. For millions of women, the application of lash extensions has resulted in the perfect, gorgeous lashes that they were looking for – without any side effects, discomfort, or real damage to those natural lashes. Meanwhile, other women have reported lash weakness and loss, or other similar complications. How can both types of result be true?

One thing is obvious: if most eyelash treatments cause no problems for the women who receive them, then it is clear that there is no inherent danger to the natural lash. That doesn’t explain the exceptions to that rule, however. Most experts believe that lash problems are in almost every instance the result of the type of application used to apply them. In other words, if you know someone whose natural lashes were damaged in any way by extensions, then the problem lies with the salon that did the application.

What the Best Salons Do Differently

It is important to recognize that poor lash extension jobs do not always indicate that the technician did a poor job. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as the type of adhesive used to affix each extension to that natural lash. Other times, the salon’s application technique is the problem. Even good technicians can have bad results when they’re working with inferior adhesives or are hamstrung by ineffective application techniques.

A truly professional salon avoids those problems by using only the best and safest adhesives in an application process designed to achieve the highest possible level of quality. Adhesives are applied with the utmost care to ensure that each extension is glued to only one lash, while avoiding direct contact with the skin. When done properly, there should never be any unexpected lash damage, including unnatural lash loss.

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we take pride in ensuring that every eyelash extension we perform strictly adheres to the high standards we’ve set for ourselves and our clientele. Our licensed and professionally-trained lash professionals use only the safest adhesives and techniques during all applications, to provide you with the perfect lashes you’ve always wanted – without any unexpected complications. To learn more about how we can help you experience the best eyelash extensions in New York City, contact us today.