Are DIY Lash Extensions a Good Idea?

Are DIY Lash Extensions a Good Idea?

Like many women, you’ve no doubt taken note of the latest beauty trend to burst onto the American consciousness. Yes, we’re talking about eyelash extensions – those magnificently perfect lash enhancements that can transform your eyes in ways that you never thought possible. You’ve probably even wondered what you’d look like with a set of extensions on your own lashes. Most women can’t help but try to imagine themselves with those perfect, long lashes. Still, you might also be one of those women who wonders whether they’re enough like those temporary “false lashes” that you can simply put them on at home. In other words, are DIY lash extensions really a good idea?

The answer can be a little complex, since it depends on so many different factors. On the one hand, you could buy the extensions and adhesive, grab a mirror, and go through the process of trying to glue on each extension, one-by-one, until you’ve filled your lashes with long, curled extensions. If you’re extremely fortunate, you might even manage to do that without matting your lashes together, ruining the extensions, or getting any foreign substances in your eyes.

Common DIY Lash Extension Problems

Let’s be realistic, though – unless you’re using one-night-only extensions, chances are that any do-it-yourself extension effort is going to create more problems than you’re ready to experience. Just consider these common problems:

  • The adhesive used by professionals can create skin irritation around the eyes if used improperly. It’s actually not the safest idea to be playing around with these adhesives at home – or any adhesive like them, for that matter.
  • Your lashes can end up matted together, which can create discomfort and cause distress for the natural lashes.
  • You’ll be working with one eye closed, which can lead to all sorts of miscalculations.
  • You won’t have the benefit that comes from having a trained professional managing the application. Again, that’s not an optimal situation for any lash extension application.

The Right Approach

Here’s something to ponder while you consider whether it’s worth your while to give the old DIY extension application a try: professional lash extensions don’t typically sit around their homes giving themselves lash extensions. They rely on their fellow technicians to handle the job. Why? Because they understand the level of skill and experience needed to perform a proper application, and know how unsafe it can be to try the DIY option.

The fact that even the experts rely on other experts should give you pause. While there is always the chance that your DIY lash extension application could meet with resounding success, the odds are probably against you. At Ebenezer Eyelash, our expert technicians understand the amount of attention and skill that is needed for a proper lash extension, and are committed to ensuring that your application is done perfectly every time. If you’re considering lash extensions and want to avoid the potential pitfalls of a DIY application, call us today to learn how you can benefit from the best eyelash extensions in New York City.