Five Lash Extension Warnings That Aren’t Worth The Worry

Five Lash Extension Warnings That Aren’t Worth The Worry

Though eyelash extensions are more popular than ever before, there still seems to be a lot of confusion about these beauty enhancements. While there’s a lot of great information to be found on many websites, there’s also no shortage of myths and misconceptions floating around in cyberspace. These perceptions can often become commonly-held beliefs in short order, so it’s important for people to have the facts to alleviate any unnecessary concerns. Here are five common concerns about extensions that just aren’t worth the worry.

1. They Make Your Lashes Fall Out

There’s no need to worry about extensions making your lashes fall out, because it doesn’t happen. The reality is that some women just notice their natural lash shedding more because the extensions make those short lashes more noticeable when they drop.

2. They Stop Your Lashes from Growing

This is just an illusion, of course. Your lashes grow back when they fall out; they’re just harder to notice due to the longer extensions around them. Remember, there are “fill-in” applications used to maintain a set of extensions as lashes fall out over time, and those wouldn’t work if those missing lashes didn’t grow back!

3. They Thin Out Your Natural Lashes

This too is an illusion. As you become accustomed to longer, thicker lashes, your natural lashes seem thinner than they did before. In reality, nothing about them has changed. That perception is simply the mind’s way of making sense of what it sees. If you stopped wearing extensions for several months, your mind would once again see your natural lashes as normal.

4. The Application Process is Painful

No one who has ever had a proper lash extension application has ever experienced pain of the sort that some people seem to fear. In fact, these applications are generally so painless that clients can actually fall asleep during that hour or more that they’re receiving their extensions. Remember, this is not something that involves pulling lashes out or applying adhesive to skin. It’s just gluing extensions on, one-by-one, to individual lashes. No pain at all!

5. You Need to Rest Your Natural Lashes Before Getting New Extensions

This is another one of those myths that has no basis in reality. Your lash has a natural growth cycle that won’t be interrupted by extensions even if you wear them almost continually. The key is to work with professionals who understand that you can’t apply extensions to immature lashes. When applied properly, you shouldn’t need to worry about “resting” your lashes.

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients in the area always have the information they need to make sound decisions about their eyelash extension options. When misconceptions and misinformation is swept away, it becomes clear that virtually all the most common concerns people have about extensions are not worth worrying about at all. Contact us today to learn more about how the best eyelash extensions in New York City can provide you with that worry-free beauty enhancement you’ve been looking for!