Eyelash Extensions and the All-Day Makeover: Timing Matters

Eyelash Extensions and the All-Day Makeover: Timing Matters

If you’re like most of us, you lead a fairly busy life that’s filled from morning to night with a host of responsibilities and obligations. That sometimes means that you need to make special arrangements when it comes to making “me time” for yourself. Take eyelash extensions, for example. Whether you’re going in for your first application or are a long-time extension client, there’s a good chance that you’ve scheduled other important tasks on the same day you’re getting those extensions. So, what do you do when you’ve scheduled other vital makeover and beauty appointments on the same day?

If you’re trying to maximize your time away from your busy schedule, it’s important to recognize the importance of timing all those appointments properly. For instance, if you’ve scheduled a lash extension application on the same day as a hair appointment and a trip to the spa to get a massage, facial, and manicure, it’s important to schedule them all in an orderly fashion. Yes, timing matters when you’ve planned an all-day makeover!

Here are some things to consider when you’re planning your day:

  1. There are things that you need to do in the first twenty-four hours after any eyelash extension application, and things that you need to avoid. For example, you don’t want to get your lash extensions wet, expose them to high humidity or steam, or do anything else that might threaten the integrity of the adhesive that keeps them in place.
  1. That means that you should avoid scheduling hair appointments, spa facials, and similar beauty treatments after your extension application. If you schedule them on the same day, be sure to get those other treatments done before you go in for your extensions.
  1. A manicure or pedicure is an entirely different story, of course. As a rule, those processes shouldn’t pose a threat to your new extensions. The only exception might be in spas where humid conditions are prevalent throughout the facility. Use your best judgment.
  1. You can’t go wrong if you just follow one simple bit of advice: schedule your lash appointment later in the day, after you’ve taken care of those other important “me time” tasks. Get your facial and nails done. Give yourself the works at the hair salon. Do any shopping you might have on your list. Then, when all of those tasks are done, get your lash extensions taken care of too.

The point is that you can easily make a day of your lash extension appointment, and get those other makeover sessions done on the same day. The key is to schedule them in the right order, so that you minimize any chance that your extensions might be damaged. At Ebenezer Eyelash, we’re committed to ensuring that you get the most out of every eyelash extension appointment. To find out more about how our licensed technicians can provide you with the best eyelash extensions in New York City, contact us today.