Eyelash Extensions Are Not Just for Women Anymore

Eyelash Extensions Are Not Just for Women Anymore

When you think of the words “eyelash extensions” there’s a good chance that the first image that crosses your mind is that of a woman, right? After all, pretty much everyone considered lash extensions to be something that only women consider. There’s a new niche trend starting to take hold, however, and it involves men who want to enhance their own eyelashes. It’s not a major shift in the lash extension paradigm yet, but it may be just a matter of time before millions of American men are saying, “what about my lashes?”

The New Era of Male Grooming

It’s important to remember that male grooming and beauty enhancement trends often lag behind those of their female counterparts. It took some time for men to take hairstyling seriously, after many decades of simple cuts from their local barber. Tanning and waxing services weren’t always as popular for the men either. Today, more men than ever before are turning to things like cosmetic surgery, enhancing their facial appearance and even their bodies.

It should come as no surprise that many men are now casting an eager eye toward eyelash extensions too. Straight, sparse lashes are not something that afflict only the female of the species; a sizable portion of the male population suffers from the same problem. And, of course, there are also many other men who simply suffer from hair loss and are looking for options to help with their appearance.

Naturally, most men who are interested in lash extensions aren’t trying to capture a more feminine appearance. Many simply want to enhance what nature gave them or mask lash defects that detract from their appearance. Yes, ladies, men can be just as vain as we are! The point is that these men can hardly be criticized for looking to the world of female beauty enhancement for answers. They just want to look and feel their best, and the self-confidence that comes from wearing these perfect lash extensions helps them to accomplish that goal.

The Trend is Growing

In some areas of the country, male lash extensions are already an established trend. As more men clamor for the benefits that lash extensions can provide, that trend will only continue to grow. And who knows – if it does, we could one day wake up to see male eyelash extensions become a common feature of male grooming efforts. That’s probably years away from reality, but when it happens no one should be surprised!

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we continue to be thrilled by new trends in lash extension, as new markets embrace the joy that comes from wearing perfect lashes. Our customers know that they can rely on us for the perfectly-applied lash extensions they need, offered by the most highly-trained, New York-licensed technicians in the area. If you’ve heard about lash extensions and have been wondering how the best lash extensions in New York City might make you feel, contact us today to schedule your appointment.