Eyelash Extensions: Why They’re Worth Every Penny You Pay

Eyelash Extensions: Why They’re Worth Every Penny You Pay

If you’ve been reading or hearing about the eyelash extension craze that’s swept the nation in recent years, you’ve almost certainly been intrigued by the news – and perhaps even wondered how they might transform your appearance as well. If so, you’re not alone. Millions of women in the United States have begun to turn to these beauty enhancements to finally get those perfect lashes they’ve always dreamed of enjoying. Of course, before you take the plunge yourself, you’re probably wondering whether they’re worth the added cost. Well, the verdict is in, and those extensions are worth every penny you pay for them!

Obviously, that’s a bold statement, but when you consider all the benefits you can enjoy with these extensions, it’s easy to see why so many people are convinced of their value:

  • They look one-hundred percent natural. That benefit alone is more than enough to entice many women into getting their own eyelash extensions. After all, the most common alternative – the so-called false eyelashes – often look unnatural. They’re great for a special event where you want to stand out in that way, but they’re by no means suitable for most daily wear. Extensions, on the other hand, are just a fuller, longer-lash version of your own lashes. There’s something to be said for the natural look!
  • They last as long as your lashes. When applied properly, your extensions are permanent – or as permanent as anything that’s glued to your eyelashes can be. That means that they’ll stay with you until those lashes fall out during the natural shedding process, providing you with perfect lashes every single day.
  • They don’t require other eye makeup. Think about that for a second. How much is your time worth to you? How much time do you spend each day on your eye makeup over the course of a couple of months? What else could you be doing with that time if you had lashes that were ready to go without a time-consuming makeup application process?
  • Is there anything more important than your own self-image? Confidence and personal satisfaction are the key to enjoying success in your personal life and career, and that means that you always need to look your best. With eyelash extensions, you’ll have flawless lashes each day, and that can’t do anything but help your self-image and confidence.
  • Do they cost you? Yes, but every beauty enhancement comes at a price. However, you’ll also save on mascara and other makeup, and will have extra time as your makeup routine is shortened. Most of our clients understand that those costs balance out in the end.

Given those clear benefits, it’s obvious why extension wearers believe that their perfect lashes are well worth the price they pay. At Ebenezer Eyelash, our team of licensed technicians is committed to ensuring that your lash application meets all your expectations too. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment for the best eyelash extensions in New York City.