The Lash Touch-Up: Your Key to Maintaining Perfect Lashes

The Lash Touch-Up: Your Key to Maintaining Perfect Lashes

Have you been considering eyelash extensions, but remain on the fence due to concerns about how your lashes will look after several weeks of wear? Are you worried that the natural lash loss will be so noticeable that you’ll have several weeks of bad lashes before your next application? What would you say if we told you that you can have great-looking lashes without enduring those problems? Well, you can – and the solution is as simple as coming in for a lash touch-up!

The lash touch-up – more commonly referred to as ‘refills’ – is a great way to ensure that your natural lash cycle doesn’t detract from those perfect lashes. To understand how refills can help to maintain those perfect lashes, it’s important to know about your lash cycle and how lash refills can help to make your lash extensions even more effective.

Natural Lashes Inevitably Fall Out

Your natural eyelashes don’t last forever. As a rule, they tend to complete their growth cycle every two to three months – and then fall out as they are replaced by new growth. Of course, different lashes fall out at different times – which is why most of us don’t notice the changes that take place over time. On average, a person can lose anywhere from one lash to five or more lashes a day! Naturally, when a lash falls out, the extension falls out with it.

Because of this natural cycle of growth and shedding, your lashes are all at a different state of maturity. This can result in some noticeable differences in lash length and thickness, even when you’re not wearing extensions. With extensions, those shorter, less mature lashes can sometimes stand out like a sore thumb!  That’s where refills come into play.

Refills Can Bridge the Gap Between Full Applications

When you get a lash touch-up every two to four weeks, your lash technician can provide replacement extensions for those newer lashes. That can help you to maintain longer, thicker, and perfect lashes over a longer period of time. And since your technician will only apply new extensions to the stronger new lashes (leaving the newborn lashes alone so that they have time to grow and strengthen), your lash health will be preserved as well.

That refill can ensure that you continue to greet the world with lush, beautiful lashes each day. Best of all, most touch-ups can be done in far less time than the full application – which means that you’ll have more time to enjoy life with your gorgeous lashes!

Commit to Consistently Beautiful Lashes

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we believe that every woman deserves to look and feel her best each and every day. Eyelash extension touch-ups are a great way to extend the life of your extensions and help you to enjoy the self-confidence that perfect lashes can provide. If you’re ready to see how lash extensions and refills can change your life, contact us today to get the best eyelash extensions in New York City.