Do Your Lashes Ever Need a Break from Extensions?

Do Your Lashes Ever Need a Break from Extensions?

If you’ve been frustrated in your attempts to learn more about eyelash extensions, you can take comfort from knowing that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, there’s so much conflicting information out in the public square that it can be difficult to distinguish between fact and myth. For example, have you wondered whether your lashes need a break from extensions from time to time? Some so-called experts claim that your lashes will be ruined if you wear extensions year-round. Others claim that there’s no such risk. What’s the real story? We have the answers you’re looking for!

The Theory: Giving Your Lashes a Break

For those who subscribe to the notion that your lashes need a break every now and again, the reasoning is simple. Lash extensions are a beauty enhancement that place stress on your natural lashes. They’re fine to wear for a lash cycle or two, but they’re simply too much for your lashes to handle without a rest period between those cycles.

Now, there’s something to that theory, obviously – as there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that some lash-wearers do experience more lash loss when they wear extensions month after month. Some experience irritation after several consecutive extension applications. At the same time, though, the evidence also suggests that most lash-wearers never experience those types of concerns.

Reasons for Taking a Break

So, let’s say that you’re one of the many millions of women who hasn’t experienced lash loss or irritation due to repeated extension wear. Are there other reasons that might make it a good idea for you to give your lashes a rest every now and then? As it turns out, there are:

  • If you know that you’re not as committed to your lash cleansing routine as you should be, it might be a good idea to take a break – at least until you get into the habit of cleaning them daily. Neglect in that area can lead to irritation, infection, and other problems.
  • Are you a lash-picker? If you can’t keep your fingers away from your lashes throughout the day, chances are that your natural lashes are not as healthy as they should be. Take a rest so that they can grow back stronger and provide better support for those extensions.

If, on the other hand, you have no lash loss or irritation problems, regularly cleanse and care for your lashes and extensions, and aren’t in the habit of pulling on them regularly, then you probably don’t need to worry about giving those natural lashes a break.

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