Proper Care for Your Perfect Eyelashes

After you’ve taken the time to join with the Ebenezer Eyelash team to create your perfect lashes, we know that you want to make sure that your extensions last for as long as possible. That will require periodic touch-up sessions to keep them strong, vibrant, and beautiful, of course, but your repeat visits to our salon are only part of the battle. How you take care of them at home between visits to our salon is just as important as what we do here! The following eyelash aftercare tips are essential for maintaining those gorgeous eyelash extensions:

The First 24 Hours are Critical

The adhesive used in the application process will take about one full day to completely dry and form the strong bond your lashes need. As a result, the extensions are vulnerable to steam, heat, moisture, and cosmetic materials for roughly 24 hours from the time of application. Rubbing, cleansing, and other common activities can all weaken that bond and prevent the extension from bonding fully. Those other activities that should be avoided during that first 24 hours include:

  • Applying cosmetic products to your new lashes
  • Laser treatments, brow or lash tinting, and other treatments around the eyes
  • Exposing yourself to steam, high heat, etc.
  • Rubbing the eyes and lashes, including contact with your pillow
  • Getting them wet – no showering for that first 24 hours!

Aftercare Beyond that First Day

Even beyond the first day of care, you should still exercise reasonable caution to ensure that you’re not actively doing things that could result in damage to your lash extensions. Try to minimize visits to tanning salons, saunas, or steam rooms. Excessive heat and moisture can subtly weaken the adhesive bonds that keep your lashes in place, and can cause them to drop out prematurely.

While cleansing your eyelids and eyelashes, try to avoid using any cotton balls or other swabs in a way that causes them to come into direct contact with the lashes. And always make sure that any cleansing is done before you shower or bathe, to ensure that you minimize any opportunity for your eyelash extensions to come into contact with water.

Avoid using cosmetic products that contain oils, as those oils can weaken your lash extension bonding. That includes oil-based lotions, creams, cleansers, and makeup removal products. As far as mascara goes, you usually won’t need it at all for the upper lashes since your new extensions will already look perfect. The choice of whether to use water-soluble mascara is a personal one; just recognize that continual use of these products will usually result in a shortened life span for your eyelash extensions.

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With the right aftercare, and regularly scheduled touchup visits to the salon, you can extend the life span of your eyelash extensions indefinitely. Contact Ebenezer Eyelash online or give us a call today, and let us show you how the best eyelash extensions in New York City can help you enjoy the luscious, perfect lashes of your dreams.