Enrich Your Look with The Best Eyelash Extensions in New York

In recent years, eyelash extensions have become all the rage across the country, and are considered by many to be the latest new beauty secret. Extensions can be used to fill in thin natural lashes, or can simply enhance your natural eyelashes by giving them that thick, full, and sexy look that women everywhere prize. Once you have them, you won’t need mascara, curlers, or any other artificial enhancements, since your lashes will always be fabulous and ready for whatever the day might bring!


Why Choose Ebenezer Eyelash Extensions?

You probably already know that many models and celebrities swear by their eyelash extensions. What you might not have known is that they’re great for women of all ages and occupations. You can get them to enhance your look for a special occasion, or for everyday life. Make an appointment and choose the services that are right for your needs!

Four Amazing Lengths

We offer four different lengths, ranging from 6mm to 18mm long. Choose the one that's perfect for your desired look.

J10 Length J10 + J11 Length J11 + J12 Length C13 + C14 Length

Find the Style that Matches Your Look and Personality

Eyelash extensions are not something that you should choose without careful consideration. Proper application requires skilled hands and a level of dexterity that only the best-trained cosmetologists and aestheticians can achieve. Out technicians will consult with you to evaluate your needs and design the perfect eyelash extension theme to fit your unique features. We can help you achieve everything from a natural look to something more dramatic and eye-catching.

Our goal is to ensure that your extensions perfectly complement your facial features, the shape of your eyes, and your overall look. Our professional technicians have the experience you need to create an individual shape, pattern, and curl that’s sure to highlight all of your greatest features. Moreover, we always work to cater to your preferences to ensure that the extension look you receive is the one that meets your exacting requirements. If you’re ready to feel and see the difference that the best eyelash extensions in New York City can make in your life, call us today.


Natural Shape

When we work with the natural shape of your eye, that means using shorter extensions at the inner points of the eye, and a mix of longer and shorter lash extensions as we work toward the middle and outer part of the eye, where the lashes are once again shorter. This technique provides that pleasing almond shape that so many people prize, and helps to reinforce an elegant and natural lash look.


Cat Eye Shape

The Cat Eye application technique relies on shorter extensions across the length of the eye, gradually becoming longer toward the outer corners. That gradual increase of length from inner to outer eye provides a more exotic aesthetic that is mysteriously attractive.





With the C-Curl, you get sturdy and firm lashes that will add a ton of volume to your eyelashes. This curl is how your natural lashes should look when you curl them and apply mascara. Many of our clients who have straight lashes choose this option, as it provides a glamorous and dramatic aesthetic, especially when viewed from the front.



The J-Curl offers an opportunity for a more natural look with classic minimal curling. This is an extremely popular choice due its similarity to most lashes’ natural curls. If you’re looking for something natural-looking and elegant, with special appeal when viewed from the sides, then the J-Curl may just be the perfect lash choice for you.


One Full Set (Bonus – Free Foot Massage)$90 + tax
Touch Up within 2 weeks (up to 14 days)$35–$55 + tax
Touch Up from 2 to 3 weeks (within 15 –21 days)$70 + tax
Touch Up over 3 weeks (over 22 days) back to full set$90 + tax


Customer Satisfaction

Our durable, high-quality lashes are offered in both silk and mink hair, and are applied with great care. We use our own special application technique and adhesive, applying each lash one by one, on a hair-to-hair basis. This transforms your natural lashes in ways you might have never dreamed possible – providing you with the lusciously full eyelashes you’ve always dreamed about. With the right level of care and attention, your extensions should remain beautiful and vibrant for four to eight weeks. With proper touchups, they can even last indefinitely. Remember, our commitment to you is to ensure your complete satisfaction and help you look as beautiful as you feel. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.