Many of our customers have questions about various aspects of the eyelash extension process, and often times we see common themes in those questions. Here are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we encounter on a regular basis:

“How long will my eyelash extension application take?”

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we recognize that everyone’s lashes are different. The amount of time that any treatment can take depends on a variety of factors – including the volume of your lashes, the shape of your eyes, etc. We do recommend that you try to have at least an hour free in your schedule, especially if you are coming in for a full set of extensions. Your appointment will generally take a little less time for touch-up treatments.

“How do you apply the extensions?”

Our synthetic lashes are carefully applied one by one until the full set of extensions is in place. That requires us to work to isolate each of your lashes to ensure that the process is pain-free and without errors. We then use our own special adhesive to bond the extension to the top of the lash – always ensuring that we apply the lashes 1 mm from your sensitive skin.

“Is the process safe?”

Our eyelash extensions and the application process used in our treatments are 100% safe. The adhesives we use are of medical grade, and they never come into contact with anything other than your lash!

“Are your technicians properly certified and licensed?”

That’s an important question you should always ask when visiting any new salon. At Ebenezer Eyelash, each of our estheticians and cosmetologists are certified professionals licensed to provide beauty care in New York State. We use only the best professionals to ensure that you always get the best eyelash extensions in New York City!

“How long will my set of lashes last?”

Without any additional treatments, your extensions will typically last anywhere from one to two months – provided that you stick to your aftercare regimen. However, you can make them last indefinitely if you schedule regular touch-up sessions and familiarize yourself with some basic eyelash extension facts.

“Will my natural eyelashes be damaged by the extensions?”

That’s a common concern, but it’s not a problem. Our professional technicians use techniques that ensure that your natural eyelashes are protected throughout the application process. Of course, you will also need to follow the recommended aftercare advice to ensure that you don’t pluck or pull out the extensions, or damage them by rubbing your eyelashes. If you can adhere to those recommended care guidelines, however, your natural eyelashes will remain healthy and undamaged.

“Is it okay to use mascara or a curler on my extensions?”

All of our eyelash extensions come pre-curled, so they should never need curling. As far as mascara is concerned, the removal of any mascara product carries with it the potential for damaging your extensions. As a result, we do not recommend using either curlers or mascara on your Ebenezer eyelash extensions.