At Ebenezer Eyelash, we know that most people don’t spend a lot of time sitting around thinking about their lashes – except maybe when it’s time to add a little mascara or head to the salon for a treatment. Still, the more you know about your own lashes, the easier it can be for you to appreciate them and commit to keeping them as healthy and attractive as possible. To help in that process, here are some important – and interesting – facts about lashes that you should know:

Women have been paying careful attention to how their lashes look for some time now. How long? Well, there’s evidence that women in ancient Egypt used dyes to alter the color of their eyelashes. Yes, that’s right – lash care has been around for thousands of years!

Your upper lashes are not the same as your lower lashes. If you’ve looked carefully, you may have noticed that the upper area tends to have around 200 lashes, while the lower lid only supports around half that number. That’s perfectly normal.

Lash length is not uniform either. Chances are that your lashes are longer around the middle of your eye, and somewhat shorter near the edges of the eye. This too is common. Our eyelash technicians understand these subtle differences and can work with your natural eyelash tendencies to ensure that your extensions look as real as your normal lashes.
Your lashes abandon you every day. Unless you count them daily, chances are that you haven’t noticed that at least one of your lashes falls out each day. In fact, anywhere from one to five lashes can drop out daily. On average, each lash has a lifespan ranging from ninety to 180 days.
Lashes can take anywhere from one to three months to grow back in and reach their full length.
Your eyelashes provide your eyes with critical protection from sunlight, dust, pollen, and other things that might cause them harm. They’re not just decorative!
The health of your eyelashes can be directly impacted by your lifestyle – just like every other living part of your living body. If you want healthy lashes, treat the rest of your body well too.
Eyelash extensions can help you to take some of the stress off your natural lashes, since they not only look great but also help negate the need for mascara applications and removal as well!

Of course, the most important fact to know is where to go when you need the best eyelash extensions in New York City. For the safest, most luxurious, and best-looking eyelash extension applications in the city, you should trust no one but the best: the eyelash professionals at Ebenezer Eyelash. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!