Should You Be Afraid of Eyelash Extensions? (No – No, You Shouldn’t!)

Should You Be Afraid of Eyelash Extensions? (No – No, You Shouldn’t!)

If you follow beauty trends at all, chances are that you’ve run across any number of horror stories from people who are eager to warn women about the dangers of eyelash extensions. The truth is that those types of stories can deter even the most adventurous of souls from getting a lash extension application. But do those types of warnings really tell even part of the tale? Should you be afraid of eyelash extensions? The answer is simple, and is evidenced by millions of women who routinely wear these beauty enhancement products: there is nothing to fear from professionally-applied lash extensions!

Fear of Lost Lashes

Stories about lost lashes appear from time to time, and it’s only natural that these tales would inspire some level of dread in any woman who’s considering extensions. After all, who wants to watch as their extensions and natural lashes shed uncontrollably? Here’s the thing, though: that’s not something that should happen under normal circumstances. When properly applied and cared for, lash extensions should last for the life of the lash.

What does that mean for you? Well, it mainly means that you need to rely on properly-trained and licensed lash technicians to handle your extensions application needs. That’s the best way to protect yourself against that type of misfortune. In addition, you need to closely follow all aftercare instructions. If you’re pulling on your lashes, or sleeping on your face, you shouldn’t be surprised to see lashes fall out. In other words, mass lash loss is something that you can easily avoid.

Fear of Irritation

You might have also heard that lash extensions have, on occasion, caused irritation to the skin and eyes. The good news is that this too is a rare phenomenon, and one that is easily avoided. In most instances, irritation is the result of sensitivity to the adhesives used in the application process, and generally occurs when the adhesive contacts the skin. Well-trained technicians can help you to avoid that fate by providing perfect applications every time you get your extensions.

Fear of Infection

Of all the things that worry would-be extension wearers, the fear of infection must rank right near the top. Nobody wants to suffer a skin or eye infection, so this concern is perfectly understandable. Infections can be avoided, of course, with proper application and aftercare. In most instances, clients only end up with infections when they fail to properly clean their lashes and allow bacteria and debris to build up along the eyeline or the lash. Proper hygiene is the only real safeguard you need!

While these concerns have some merit, they all represent potential problems that can be avoided with foresight and attention to detail. At Ebenezer Eyelash, our trained and licensed technicians can provide the perfect application you need to counter all these worries. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment for the best eyelash extensions in New York City, and discover why there’s no need to ever be afraid of eyelash extensions again!