Lash Extensions and the Low-Maintenance Life

Lash Extensions and the Low-Maintenance Life

Have you ever been called ‘high-maintenance’ by someone who thought that was an insult? The fact is that ‘high-maintenance’ can mean different things to different people. To some of us, being high-maintenance simply means that we pride ourselves on presenting the best possible face to the world at all times. We put a lot of thought and work into that effort! Of course, there’s a common perception out there that eyelash extensions are only for women who qualify as ‘high maintenance.’ But the reality is that lash extensions can help you to live a low-maintenance lifestyle!

You might wonder how that could possibly be. After all, lash extensions are a high-maintenance enhancement, right? We’re talking about an hour or more in a salon, as a technician painstakingly attaches each single extension to an eyelash. Then a day without getting them wet, daily cleansing and brushing, and avoiding mascara and oil-based products that might ruin the adhesive. That’s all pretty high-maintenance – or so some people think.

Here’s the thing, though. What does your beauty-enhancement ritual look like right at this moment? How much time do you spend putting on mascara, eyeliner, and other makeup, just to get yourself ready to go out and face the world? How many times have you not left the house because you didn’t feel like putting on that makeup? Do you ever find yourself in some restaurant bathroom, doing little touchups to correct some minor makeup imperfection?

You know the answers, and you also know that all that work definitely doesn’t meet the definition of “low-maintenance.” No, most of us are pretty high-maintenance in that regard, and spend far more time than we’d like to admit donning makeup and worrying about how we look.

With lash extensions, that’s all in the past.

Is that a bold claim? Sure. But think about it: women who wear lash extensions no longer need to worry about putting on mascara. Most can skip that dramatic use of eyeliner. Many find that they can reduce the amount of makeup that they use – saving time and money in the process. And most importantly, they can get up in the morning, spend just a few minutes getting ready, and race out to the meet the world. Does it get any more low-maintenance than that?

The reality is that the only high-maintenance part of the lash extension process is the application itself and any refills that you need to keep those lashes looking their best. Once they’re in, however, it’s all low-maintenance from there – and that can change your life in ways you cannot even begin to imagine!

At Ebenezer Eyelash, we’re here to help you meet your low-maintenance lash needs. With the most highly-trained, New York-licensed lash technicians in the area, we can always provide you with the perfect lashes you deserve – ensuring that you always look your best. Give us a call today to discover how the best eyelash extensions in New York City can help you enjoy that low-maintenance life you’ve always dreamed about.